May 16, 2022
white ceramic bathtub near white bathtub

Today’s homes generally have a bathroom with a shower. By using water from the bathroom High Pressure Showerhead, we can get more negative ions that are beneficial to the body’s skin. In free air, there are negative ions and positive ions that unite. With the water from the bathroom shower, negative ions and positive ions will be split. The heavier positive ions will fall quickly while the negative ions can float in the air.

That’s what causes our bodies to feel more relaxed and refreshed when near waterfalls or when breathing air after rain because of the many negative ions floating in the air. Before buying a bathroom shower, there are 5 things you need to pay attention to.

1.Bathroom shower shape and size

The use of bathroom showers is increasingly booming, making it easier for us to find them on the market in various shapes and sizes. There are so many, sometimes we are confused about choosing and don’t even really understand the functions and advantages of each. If you decide to use a bathroom shower at home, one of the things you should consider before buying is the shape and size of the shower.

There is a built-in shower, which is a bathroom shower whose installation is attached to the wall or on the bathroom ceiling. There is also a hand shower. The use of the built-in shower will give a neat and practical impression, while the hand shower is more flexible to use because it can be moved anywhere.

2. Bathroom shower water jet power

After seeing the unique shape of the bathroom shower, the next thing you should pay attention to is the power of the water jet. Instead, choose a bathroom shower whose water spray can be adjusted. Shower water sprays have strengths with varying patterns, ranging from fine, needle-like splashes of water to heavy sprays, depending on your needs.

Set the bathroom shower with a fine spray to get relaxation while bathing, also suitable for bathing children or the elderly. The bathroom shower with heavy water spray is suitable for an afternoon or evening shower after a day of activities.

3. Bathroom shower water temperature setting

One of the features offered by today’s bathroom shower manufacturers is temperature regulation, meaning that the bathroom shower is equipped with a thermostat. The thermostat functions as a tool to regulate heat so that it is always within a certain temperature range. This is closely related to weather conditions which are often uncertain.
If you have a bathroom shower whose temperature can be adjusted, then you can take a shower with the water temperature according to your wishes and needs. For example, if it is the rainy season or the weather is cold, of course, it will be very fitting if you take a hot shower.

4. The bathroom shower for health

Technological developments make bathroom showers not only practical bathroom fixtures but bathroom showers can also be used to massage the shoulders or shoulders when bathing.
To be able to massage your shoulders or shoulders, the shower will use a strong spray force, this type of bathroom shower technology is called Body-Jet. For someone who has a busy schedule, this shower is perfect for making your body more relaxed.

5. Pay attention to the budget for the purchase of a bathroom shower

Price is of course a very important consideration in purchasing because you can only buy if it fits your financial budget. Choose a bathroom shower at a relatively affordable price and its function according to your needs.

Those are the five things you need to pay attention to before buying a bathroom shower for your residence.