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A Beginner’s Guide on Cleaning Windows

A Beginner’s Guide on Cleaning Windows

Window Cleaning Tips to make your windows sparkle. One of the major struggles we have experienced with many DIY window cleaning methods has been that they leave marks on your windows that are not very nice looking. streaks that are impossible to get rid of without spending tons of money on professional window cleaning services. You can use our tips on how to clean your windows in a mirror and eliminate all those nasty streaks…utterly beautiful! (Just joking, of course).

Start From the Outside: Before you even start on how to clean windows in a mirror you must begin with the outside. The best way to clean windows that are streaked is to first work on the outside of them. Use a sponge to wipe it down using an angled brush or cloth. Once the glass has been cleaned, try using a cleaner with a microfiber attachment on the end of it. Wipe the glass in the same way you cleaned the other areas of glass.

If you have soapy water streaks try spraying the soapy water on a scrubbing sponge to remove it. After you have removed the streaks from the soapy water, dab it with a clean sponge to remove excess soapy water. Follow this up by spraying warm water on the windows until they are thoroughly clean. Be sure and rinse the windows off with warm water so no soap residue remains and no streaks are left behind.

Use a Window Cleaning Conditioner: It really isn’t necessary to purchase window cleaner sprays. Even better would be to make your own. Mix up a quart of warm water with one part window cleaner spray and apply to the windows using a soft rag. The end result will be a streak-free shine!

Natural Light: Try putting up blinds or curtains so they can let in some natural light. This will help give your windows that bright sparkling clean look. Another good way to improve your windows’ appearance is by getting a window treatment such as blinds, curtains or sheers. These treatments are made to filter sunlight which keeps your home looking more energy efficient.

Use a Vacuum Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier is a great tool to use during a damp or cloudy day. By using the machine you can remove excess moisture and humidity from the air. In doing so it will help to prevent mold and mildew. This will also cut down on the streaks and smudges that often happen after heavy rain. Dust and dirt usually collect in the house around the baseboards, floor fans, lighting fixtures, exhaust fans, and windows.

Use a Clean Bucket and Dish Soap: Using a bucket filled with dish soap and water is a great cleaning tool. Using this method will reduce the amount of abrasive scrubbing you have to do when cleaning your windows. After rinsing, simply spray the dishes with a disinfecting spray to help get rid of the dirt and grime. When cleaning your windows, be sure to wear rubber gloves and a mask so no one accidentally splatters on your face. It is much better to spend a little time mopping up the spills rather than scrubbing the glass until it streaks.

Use a Dry Brush: Using a dry brush for cleaning windows is very important. When using a dry brush, you can remove a lot more material than when using a sponge or an upholstery attachment. A dry brush will also leave your windows smelling like fresh clean air. To help cut down on bacteria and allergens, make sure you clean the outside of your windows using a mild cleaner and then dry out the inside. Finally, be sure to wipe down all of your blinds, louvers, and blades regularly to keep them looking nice and new.

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