July 1, 2022
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Anti Insect Services and Professional Pest Control. Pest Control Calgary Ready to tackle insect and pest problems in all corners of the room and outdoors

Pest control to completion Best Pest Control Service in Calgary, experienced and reliable. Contact pestica for information and reservations experienced in pest control. Our professional services protect your entire home and family from possible risks of pest attacks. Our services aim to maintain security and create peace for you.

Common Pests in Homes

Do you want to know what types of pests you can find around the house?


Rats are known as carriers of disease, property damage and are vectors of food contamination. Rats reproduce quickly and can become serious problems if not treated immediately.


Globally in a year, there are about 50-100 million people infected with dengue fever and 3 out of 100 dengue infections are fatal.


Cockroaches are very active at night and
will forage from leftovers
existing or from animal waste.
Cockroaches can also cause several types of diseases.


Some types of ants can cause allergies and skin rashes. Ants can search for food sources with the pheromone they have and can disrupt your home when they are nesting there.

Pest Control Program

Pests really disturb our comfort when the environment we live in is attacked by pests. We can eradicate pests ourselves but with a note that we must know the effective and correct way to eradicate pests so that we don’t get hurt because of dangerous chemicals. Chemical is also available in offline and online stores. We also need to know some of the chemical doses used to get rid of these pests.

pestica Pest Control Services in Calgary are experienced, trusted, and reliable in eradicating annoying pests. Having professional technicians and knowing what methods will be used to control various types of pests and knowing the impact of the chemicals used, make our technicians do their work safely and not harm your environment until the pests are completely eradicated.

pestica with the support of experienced technicians with the knowledge about how to eradicate pests properly and safely. As an official pest control company, we serve it professionally and thoroughly.
Anti Insect Services and Professional Pest Control.

Advantages of Pest Control Services

  • Professional Workforce
    We are supported by experts in the field of pest control who have decades of experience
  • Affordable prices
    For what to pay dearly if at an affordable price you can get maximum results
  • On-Time Visit
    All of our clients will get a schedule of supervised visits that are handled directly by the experts
  • Expert Consultant
    You will immediately get a direct consultation from an experienced pest expert.
  • Modern Equipment
    All the equipment we use is the latest equipment and has regular maintenance times.
  • Job Guarantee
    Maximum work results and we provide a guarantee to keep your satisfaction.