July 1, 2022
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Vacuum Cleaner Nirkabel has two speeds and operates on Batteries for cordless vacuum cleaners. Not an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but choose one that is multifunctional and portable so that it can be used for floors, sofas, furniture, and displays.
One type of vacuum cleaner that meets all of these criteria is the Vacuum Cleaner Nirkabel.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for those of you who want easy cleaning anywhere, without having to be limited by cable length or the availability of electrical sockets. At minimum speed, this wireless vacuum cleaner is able to operate for 45 minutes. While at maximum speed, the operational time is 30 minutes. The time it takes to recharge the battery is about 4-5 hours.

This vacuum cleaner is included in the type of cyclone vacuum cleaner, aka a vacuum cleaner without a dust bag. The advantage of a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone system is that you can save more because you don’t need to replace the dust bag. The suction power of the cyclone vacuum cleaner is also more stable and strong because there is no risk of clogging.

The way the cordless cyclone vacuum cleaner works are more or less like this: various types of dirt will be sucked up directly by the motorized rotary brush head. On the swivel brush head, there is an LED light that can help you see its performance clearly.

The sucked dirt will go directly to the dust tank. It is very easy to clean the tank. Just open the lever, then the dirt will fall. The vacuum cleaner’s dust tank is washable.

To clean the dust on bookshelves, cupboard tops, or even in the car, you can simply replace the suction head. This is the advantage of using a cordless vacuum cleaner. No need to be confused about looking for a power socket or buying 2 different tools (for home and car). Just 1 tool, can be used for everything.

Another advantage of the wireless vacuum cleaner is the ease of storage. It has a self-parking position, so you don’t need to lean on it because its standing position is steady. The engine part and dust tank can be removed and hung on the suction neck.