May 16, 2022
black and white bungalow house

Garden Lighting Design Tips. is a part of the garden that is very attractive and can make the garden atmosphere more beautiful and fresh to look at.
To make the garden look beautiful at night, of course you will need additional lighting in the form of Gartenlampen.
As for the electronic applications used in garden maintenance such as automatic lawn sprinklers.
The use of garden lights with light sensors that can turn on automatically during dark days to enhance the beauty of the garden.
In addition to automatic lawn sprinklers and garden lighting control systems.
There are beauty support facilities that utilize electronic technology, namely the fountain control system.
Spotlights that point toward tree trunks or fish ponds will give your garden an aesthetic touch.
Not only that, a garden that is equipped with bright lighting can provide security and directions for a large yard.
Generally, lighting that is designed from the beginning of the construction of the house will blend with the lighting of the building facade and terrace of the house.

However, if your house is not equipped with garden lights, you can design and install it.

Check out the following tips before installing lights in your garden.

Determine the Mounting Point

To find out which point is the right place to put a garden light.
Try to go around the garden and pay attention to the part that the lamp wants to highlight.
There’s nothing wrong with sketching or photographing your garden for a clearer illustration.
For example, if you want to light up tall trees with spotlights.
Then point the lights around the bottom of the tree that point upwards.
Meanwhile, if you want to reflect the sparkling light of pool water.
You can put a lamp planted in the fish pond or swimming pool area.

Pay attention to lighting techniques

Once you’ve found the right mounting point.
There are a number of techniques that can guide you in directing the light at the object for a more dramatic effect.

Spot Lighting: by highlighting the part you want to highlight.
You do this by placing lights that are focused (highlight) from above or the direction in front of the object.
Second, namely the up lighting technique or placing the highlighted lights upwards.
Usually the focus that is illuminated in this technique is objects that are elongated in shape.
To give a dramatic impression, silhouetting techniques or displaying silhouettes can also be applied by placing spotlights behind the tree.
There is also a moon lighting technique, which is to highlight the tree from top to bottom, but uses a more diffuse light beam, such as moonlight.
The shade of the tree and its branches will be reflected in the flat area below which gives a romantic impression.
Finally, the shadow lighting technique is used to strengthen the shaded impression of the trees.
You do this by placing the lights from the side of the tree or plant object.

Adjust to the Garden Concept

There are several models of garden lights which are of course adapted to the garden concept that you have created.
For gardens that require more light intake, halogen garden lights can give a dramatic impression and bring out the original colors of the objects in the light for your garden.

However, avoid choosing lights with white light such as fluorescent, because the original color of the object looks unclear, even the object will look paler. In addition to the types of halogen lamps, you can also choose the types of spotlights.
This lamp has a fairly good lighting quality, so it fits perfectly in a large tropical garden.
You can point this light towards plants that have interesting shapes.
Place the light close to the object so that it contrasts the direct light and dark shadows of the leaves and stems behind it.
Shadow lighting technique that focuses on the object of the statue that you want to highlight

Good Care

No matter how good or how expensive the lights and settings you choose, still need regular maintenance.
Because it is located outdoors, garden lights dull relatively quickly.
For that, clean the light bulb from dust and dirt regularly.
In addition, trim any trees or shrubs that have started to cover the lights.
To make it more durable, you can also install a lamp holder with a grill on the lamp that is placed below.