July 1, 2022
black and white bungalow house

A house that is equipped with a garden with a neat design can make its residents feel more at home. Well, a Gartentisch is one item that can be used to beautify the green area in your home. The number of garden table materials such as wood, aluminum, iron, or rattan may make it difficult for you to choose a suitable garden table.

So that you don’t get confused about choosing, we will provide tips on choosing a garden table that is suitable for your needs. Let’s look at the following reviews and make your garden even more beautiful!

How to choose a garden table

A garden table is an object that you will be using for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the following points so that you don’t choose the wrong choice, huh!
Choose a material taking into account its appearance and durability

Garden table material is an important thing that you should know. This is because the table material will affect the durability of the product and the atmosphere it wants to create.

Aluminum: Durable yet lightweight

The aluminum garden table has the advantage of not being rusted or weathered. This makes the aluminum garden table durable and durable. This material is also relatively light, so you will have no trouble arranging and shifting its position.

This allows it to be formed into classic and intricate motifs such as rose motifs with curved petal details. Motifs like these will give a touch of luxury to your garden.

Aluminum garden tables with intricately carved motifs are indeed difficult to clean. However, the more detailed and intricate the motif, the more luxurious the sensation will be.

Wood: Warm and the color changes over time

A wooden table is perfect for those of you who prioritize warmth and compatibility with the garden. It is important to remember that wooden tables that are exposed to constant weather will experience a change in color. That way, you can enjoy room the different atmospheres as the colors change.

Products that have been coated with protective paint, such as those made from oil or other similar paints are recommended. If you want a wooden table that is durable, teak wood is the right choice. Teak wood is known to be strong and not easy to rot. The older it is, the better the teak looks. Therefore, it is not surprising that the deck of a luxury yacht also uses teak wood.

Stainless steel: For a simple and cool impression

Stainless steel itself means stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel tables are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. It’s also relatively light, so you can easily move it around. Most stainless steel garden tables are also simple in design. Even so, products with this material deserve to be an option if you prioritize durability.

The disadvantage of stainless steel is that the surface heats up quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. For that, we recommend that you install an umbrella or parasol to protect it in the dry season or during hot weather.

Iron: Has a variety of designs

Iron garden tables generally have a charming design and are especially recommended for those of you who love classic tables. Not only that, the iron itself can create a luxurious impression. Its popularity makes metal tables available in a variety of designs. However, metal tables rust easily. As a solution, you can choose a product that is coated with a waterproof material or you can coat it yourself with this material.

Synthetic rattan: Emphasize the exotic impression of your garden

Synthetic rattan tables fit perfectly into a resort garden or ethnic nuances. Moreover, synthetic rattan tables are generally made using polyethylene so that it becomes lighter and easier to move. For natural rattan, the color will fade if it is continuously exposed to sunlight. However, this will not be experienced by synthetic rattan tables.

Garden tables made of this material are also suitable for you to place indoors and outdoors. Even so, to be placed outside the room also check the resistance of the table to UV rays. It is true that synthetic rattan tables are classified as durable. However, you should still do this so that the risk of fading the color of the table can be minimized.