May 16, 2022

TwinkleLit LED Lights that are sold at an affordable price have many functions that you can display in an attractive way. You can make purchases online on the website which is widely used as a function of decoration, lighting, modification to easy custom lamp models.

Currently, the use of LED lights is increasingly in demand. Lamps that use light-emitting diodes technology are known for their superior electrical efficiency compared to incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps. No wonder, not only in the domestic household environment but also in industrial areas choose LED lights.

In addition, home LED lights are also the result of the development of lamps as decorative elements. The attractiveness of the lighting character is that LED lights have effectively built a new atmosphere in any room. Therefore, this lamp is often the main decoration choice.

In decorating a room with home LED lights, you have to pay attention to the types of lights, including LED strips, panels, and tabular. This difference will affect the character and intensity of the lighting provided by the LED house lights.

Here are decorating ideas using home LED lights for every room!

1. Fluorescent Shades in the Living Room with Home LED Lights

To avoid a monotonous atmosphere in the living room, you can use strips of home LED lights that are affixed to the four upper corners of the wall. In order for the atmosphere to be more lively, it is better if you use high-intensity home LED lights. It would be better if the LED lights could be changed with the silhouette motif and the color of the light according to the feel of the room you want to build.

2. Decorating LED Lights in the Bedroom

Home LED lights that are usually used for lighting in the bedroom are LED strip lights. These LED lights are usually placed around the headboard or headboard attached to the wall, the fluorescent LED home light is present in an attractive, but still comfortable place to rest.

In addition, you can also bring the feel of the twinkling stars in the room by using a series of small LED lights that hang around the room. Equipped with LED neon sign decorations, a series of letters formed from LED ropes. Also, combine this lamp with Tumblr lights or fairy lights. For this one, you can directly make it yourself at home.

3. Colorful Silhouettes in the Garden from Home LED Lights

Using corn bulbs (tabular) LED home lights for outdoor lighting can create a more beautiful home garden landscape at night. With high intensity of illumination, this LED incandescent looks like a lantern.

Variations of beams of light can also be used, such as downlights and uplights. This aims to give a romantic dim impression when you relax with friends or partners.

4. Home LED Lights on the Living Room Ceiling

The lighting solution for a narrow living room is to focus the lighting in the center of the room. For this reason, the play of light in the living room is applied to the ceiling of the living room. The downlight from the LED house panel mounted on the living room ceiling will give a modern and elegant impression.

5. Different Ambience on the Stairs

To give a special atmosphere in the stairwell area, you can give a different ambiance by installing strips of LED house lights on the stairs or on the stair railing. In order for the sparkling impression of the neon house LED lights to be more pronounced, you can reduce the intensity of other light sources around the stairs. You can also use panel-shaped house LED lights to highlight the light from under the stairs.

This product is intended so that residents of the house can easily adjust the color of the lights to the activities they are doing.

This lamp can be used in all rooms of the house. It can be the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, kitchen, living room, and others. Especially for children’s lamps, it is able to issue three different color shades.

The main difference in using LED lamps compared to conventional lamps is in terms of energy. LED lamps are able to save more than 50 percent of conventional lamps.