July 1, 2022
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How do grandparents have access rights to Grandchildren? Grandparents usually see their grandchildren when they are still with their parents in one family.
However, after parents separate or divorce, after parents die and the surviving parents move with their grandchildren to another place.
If they are estranged from their parents and do not talk and meet with them.
If they care for a grandchild for a certain period of time but the grandchild has returned to their parents.
The grandparent may wish to apply to the court for custody or access.
Can grandparents sue for visitation?
Grandparents have the legal right to apply to the court for custody of or access to their grandchildren. 

The judge uses a legal test called the child’s best interest to decide who spends time with your child and for how long.
The best interests of child testing include looking at the relationship between grandparents and children.
The jury also looks at reasons you would not want your grandparents to have access if your grandparents acted unreasonably and acted in a way that was not in the best interests of your child.
Making unreasonable requests for access
There is a history of strong and positive relationships between the grandparent and your child and who has been the caregiver of your child.
Your child has lived with grandparents and is likely to play a positive role in your child’s life.

Family Law Specialist

If you and your child’s grandparents do not consent to access.
It is important to keep your child away from the conflict.
Just because you don’t like your grandparents – whether they are yours or your partner’s parents – doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t look at them.
If your child has a good relationship with their grandparents.
It is usually in their best interest to continue the relationship. 

The key to a healthy relationship is effective communication.
Many family disputes are the result of miscommunication and hurt feelings.
Healing minor family differences and splits before they become big ones is key to maintaining positive relationships and maintaining contact with your grandchildren.
Be the first to apologize and seek compromise rather than trying to prove a point.
In doing so, grandparents will help ensure that you are always present in your grandchildren’s life and in a peaceful relationship with their parents. 

Your access agreement must follow certain rules to make it binding and enforceable under the law.
This allows the court to order you or your grandparents to do what the agreement says, if one of you stops following it. 

Going to Court 

If you and your child’s grandparents cannot consent to access.
You can try getting help from a family law specialist.
These are neutral people who are trained to work with the two of you to help you reach an agreement or make a decision for you. 

If you and your child’s grandparents are still unable to consent to access even with the help of a family law professional.
Or if that’s not the right choice for you, one of you should initiate a family law court case.
How do grandparents have access rights to Grandchildren?
Going to court can be a complicated process and can take a lot of time.
This can be stressful, but sometimes it is necessary to decide your problem. 

Family courts make decisions using family law rules and laws.
A judge looks at the facts of your situation and it is in the child’s best interest to make a decision about access. 

Family law professionals can work as mediation-arbitration and collaborative family law.
You can talk to a lawyer who can help you understand what the law says about the right of grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren.