May 26, 2022

The following blog will be looking at how much space one needs for a wine cellar, how to build one, how to build a wine cellar affordable, and unique places to have a wine cellar. Furthermore, consider a wine cooler if you are looking at other easy ways to store your wine. There are multiple sources online that detail how wine coolers work and what is required. Additionally, one of the perks of a wine cooler is that you can purchase an under counter wine cooler, making it perfect for placing discreetly or not having it take up much space. Therefore with either a wine cellar or wine cooler, you can now visit your local wine shop and have the freedom to purchase more than one wine bottle without fearing you won’t have any place to store it.

How much space do you need for a wine cellar?

If you want to build a wine cellar, a specific amount of space is required. The minimum amount is 25 square feet. This amount is ideal for a small collection, fitting 10-15 bottles. Of course, this is only a minimum amount. Some may want to build a more extensive wine cellar. In that case, you will need between 100 to 500 square feet. This size is perfect to fit anywhere from 1,500 to 5,500 bottles of wine comfortably.

How to build your own wine cellar

When building a wine cellar, the first step is to seal your room. You want to seal your room so that no leaks or cracks could have entered from the outside. Sealing the room is incredibly important to maintain light exposure and ensure constant temperature levels. Secondly, your flooring needs to be concrete with a sealant on it. A preferred adhesive would be siloxane, silane, or urethane. Before applying the adhesive, allow at least 28 days for the concrete to dry. Thirdly, you want to install a vapor barrier and furring strips. Both a vapor barrier and furring strips will prevent moisture from building up. Lastly, when installing light bulbs, make sure they are LED and sodium vapor bulbs. Standard UV bulbs cause an adverse effect whereby the wine will start to smell sulphuric.

How to affordably build your own wine cellar

Building your own wine cellar can be extremely costly. Therefore, if you want to make your own DIY (do it yourself) wine cellar, an excellent and easy way is to use kitchen cabinets. You can transform your old kitchen cabinets to become wine drawers. You can then purchase wine draws. These can store either 12 bottles or 24.

Additionally, they are designed and assembled to work well with your kitchen cabinets. Or, if you do not have any old kitchen cabinets, you can also purchase wine racks. You get a variety of wine racks, namely, hanging, wine to ceiling, tabletop, or stackable wine racks.

Unique places to put your wine cellar

When building or installing a wine cellar, you may not have ample room. Therefore, here are some unique places to store your wine. Firstly, the basement, dining room, or living room are the most popular places. However, one can also use under the stairs, an unused gusset bedroom, in the hall, or any new spaces you may find.

When building a wine cellar, you want to ensure that the proper precautions have taken place to ensure no harmful exposure to light, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures. Additionally, there are multiple unique places to house a wine cellar: dining room, garage, hallway, under the stairs, etc.