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How to choose a washing machine

How to choose a washing machine

How to choose a washing machine. When choosing a Waschmaschinen Kaufen, choose the product that best fits your lifestyle.
Here are the points you can consider in choosing the right washing machine.
Which type suits your needs?
Let’s find together through the explanation below!

Understand the basic functions of the washing machine of your choice to suit your needs.

Adjust the capacity of your washing machine according to the number of family members
One of the considerations for choosing a washing machine capacity is the number of family members.
Generally, the weight of laundry per person in one day is 1.5 kg.
Therefore, choose a capacity that is larger than the estimated amount of laundry as a family in a day.
In addition, the frequency of washing is also an influencing factor.
A washing machine with a capacity of 5 kg can be an option if you live alone.
However, choose a washing machine with a capacity of 7-9 kg if you live alone or do not wash every day.
If you tend to separate the type and color of laundry, a washing machine with a capacity of 6 kg is sufficient.
Then, the intensity of replacing towels, sheets, bed covers, and so on, is also an important factor that must be considered when choosing a washing machine.
Make sure the size and shape of the washing machine is suitable for your laundry room
The next consideration is the washing machine size.
Choose a washing machine that can pass the route to the laundry room, such as stairs, elevators, or doors.
Make sure the product can be placed in the space you specify.
Check the size of your washing machine on the product or seller’s official website.
In addition, you also have to consider the location and height of the water taps available.
Choose a washing machine equipped with noise control technology

Advantages of Owning a Clothes Dryer

  • You will save a lot of time.
    This is the biggest advantage that can be obtained.
    You just have to put the freshly washed clothes in the clothes dryer, choose the correct settings, and wait for them to dry completely.
    Your family’s laundry can dry in just a few hours
  • You are free to decide when and what to dry.
    Maybe you have felt how annoyed you are when you prepare your children to go to school, parties, or just play and find the clothes they should be wearing are not dry yet.
    If you have a clothes dryer, this shouldn’t be a problem.
    Put the damp clothes into the machine, the problem will be solved.
  • Your house is still neat.
    If you live in an apartment or small house without a yard, of course, you have to dry clothes in the house.
    With a dryer, you can save space and avoid clothespins in the room that will make your house or apartment look messy.
  • A washer-dryer can save more space in your home.
    This combination will also make the process simpler.
    Add enough clothes, detergent, and set the program to carry out a drying cycle after washing.
    Everything is done with one step.
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather.
    No need to worry if it’s the rainy season.
    You don’t have to wait hours for your socks to dry or wait for the weather to improve before drying your clothes.
    The clothes dryer allows you to dry your clothes whenever you want.
    Clothes that are freshly dry will be easier to iron.
    Dryers are actually designed to prevent clothes from wrinkling or creasing, so they are ready to iron after the drying cycle is complete.

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