May 16, 2022
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When frying food, of course, the oil used for cooking is often left. so, Como descartar óleo de cozinha usado? Although it can be reused, the remaining oil should not be re-cooked more than three times because it can turn into poison.

Therefore, not a few people end up throwing away leftover oil or used cooking oil. But unfortunately, the waste or used cooking oil is still being disposed of carelessly, and there are still many who throw it in the sink.

In fact, the residual oil that is dumped in the sink can clog the water pipes. In worse conditions, the residual oil drain in the sink can also contaminate waterways throughout the city.

So, how to dispose of residual oil so as not to pollute the environment?

As reported by The Spruce Eats, one way that can be done is to transfer it into an empty bottle and throw it in a special trash can with a material category that cannot be recycled. Of course, the oil that is put in a bottle or container is not hot and has been cooled first.

In addition, freezing the oil beforehand can also make it safer to dispose of. First, put the remaining oil into an old can and store it in the freezer until frozen.

After that, cans containing frozen oil can be disposed of along with other non-recyclable waste. Another way that can be done so that the remaining oil does not pollute the environment is to combine it with other waste that can absorb it.

For example, cat litter, or other waste in the form of paper or tissue. That way, the oil will be absorbed and blended with other waste so that it is safer when it is about to be disposed of.

Although the disposal of the remaining frying oil can be circumvented, it would be nice if we also minimize the use of oil when we want to fry food. You can also reuse it as biodiesel fuel to make it more environmentally friendly.

Used cooking oil or blackened cooking oil should no longer be used for cooking or frying. Because this can have a negative impact on health. Therefore, used cooking oil should be discarded immediately. Unfortunately, when throwing it away, many people just throw it away.

 Usually, used cooking oil is dumped into the sink or dishwasher. In fact, this should not be done because it can pollute the living environment and cause blockages in the waterways. So, where should used cooking oil be disposed of? Is there a safe way to dispose of it?

Here’s the best way to get rid of used cooking oil.

Materials needed:

Prepare boxes of used paper materials such as milk boxes and so on. Enough newspaper tape

How to work

  1. Open a sheet of newspaper, then tear it into two parts, and crush the newspaper into a paper ball. Make as many or as many paper balls as you need.
  2. Insert the paper ball into the waste paper box until it is almost full.
  3. Next, pour the used cooking oil into the used paper box that has been filled with paper balls.
  4. After that, put the paper ball back in to cover the top of the used cooking oil.
  5. Then, glue the tape on each end of the used paper box so that the used cooking oil doesn’t come out.
  6. After that, throw the used paper box into the trash.

If the method above feels complicated, you can immediately pour used cooking oil into a used plastic bottle and throw it in the trash. It’s just that this method is quite risky because if the bottle leaks it can cause oil spills, also pollute the environment, also make it slippery.

Freeze the oil and throw it away. Another way to dispose of used cooking oil is to freeze it first, then throw the used cooking oil into a plastic bag. Do not forget to tie or close the trash bag tightly and immediately throw it in the trash.