May 16, 2022
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Choose Non-slip Absorbent Doormat which is soft and can clean dust, Absorbs dust, dirt, mud, and water instantly without leaving any marks on your floor, which Saves your Time & Energy better. Of course, we don’t want our favorite house to be dirty with dust from our dirty footwear.
Especially if we have a house in elite housing, then this mat is very crucial.
Of course, we want the conditions in our homes to always be clean. Whatever we can do to make our homes always clean. It could be by cleaning it regularly or taking various precautions so that our homes are not easily dirty.

When we enter someone else’s house, usually we will find doormats in front of the entrance with various patterns and models. The most common is that we will find a rug with the words “welcome” on the surface. Then what is the function of this mat?

As we know that the purpose of this mat in front of the entrance is to keep the floor in our house always clean. When we enter the house, it is hoped that we will rub our footwear on the mat to make it cleaner when we enter. So that the floor in our house is kept clean.

We can take off our shoes or use special footwear in the house, but our guests certainly don’t. Therefore, the doormat is one solution to receive guests properly. Good for the cleanliness of the floor at home, also good for our guests who are not offended because we are told to take off their shoes.

Likes to be ignored, it turns out that the doormat has an important function, you know.

The presence of a mat that is generally placed in front of the door is often underestimated, Moms. Not many know, it turns out that the doormat has many functions for the safety of the occupants of the house.

The type of mat material will determine where this small object should be placed. Moms must be smart in choosing materials so that family members are always safe.

Living Room and Bedroom

For example, for the living room and bedroom, you can choose a mat with a top made of cotton. So when stepped on it will feel soft and smooth. For the bottom of the mat, it’s good to be made of latex which serves to make the mat anti-slip.


The main function of the foot mat placed in front of the bathroom door is so that you don’t slip when you get out of the bathroom because the feet are usually wet with water splashes. So, use a foot mat that has good water absorption and is anti-sludge, Moms.

If the mat already feels damp, then you can dry it in the sun. This is to keep it clean. You should also regularly replace and wash the mat.

Home Terrace

The main function of the foot mat placed on the terrace area of ​​the house is to clean the feet that are exposed to dirt and soil before entering the house. Therefore, the most suitable foot mat to be placed on the terrace is a mat in the form of woven iron or PVC plastic so that the feet can be cleaned properly. Carpets with this material are also certainly more resistant to dirt than doormats placed indoors.


The foot mat that is placed in the kitchen area is better placed under the sink. For that, Moms can use a foot mat that has a fabric with good absorption.

Moms, now you know the important function of the doormat that is placed in each different room. I hope this helps. Don’t forget to convey your arguments in the comments column.