July 1, 2022
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Laser Technology in Architectural Modeling – Always Profitable. Lasit marcatori laser have been widely used because they are able to provide many advantages that are not offered by traditional methods.
Businesses in various industries also invest heavily in laser technology for a variety of reasons.
To find out these various reasons, let’s consider the following explanation.
For laser cutting and laser engraving of architectural models various materials are used:
textiles, synthetic materials, wood, varnishes, MDF, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystrene, foil and film, acrylic, plastics and many more.

Maximum Detail and Precision

This gives you complete freedom when designing your Building model.
Laser technology offers unbeatable advantages for model building.
Whether for a model house for a model railroad or an architectural model:
Draw your design in a CAD program, and the laser will be cut with maximum detail and precision.
The cuts are precise and clean – no further processing is required.
Since the production time for cutting individual components is significantly reduced, using a laser cutting machine can help you save up to 80% compared to manual production.

Easy to Use

Operating the laser system is as easy as operating the printer.
This way you can be sure that the laser will cut your model building quickly and reliably.

Flexibility – in Materials and Applications

Many different materials are used in the creation of architectural models:
textiles, wood, veneer, MDF, synthetic materials, plastics, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foil and film, acrylic, and many more. These materials require different treatments by laser to achieve optimal results.

One Tool for All Geometries

Milling requires different tool heads for different materials, geometries and strengths of materials.
The laser is a universal tool for all geometries and strengths of materials.

Perfect Cutting and Engraving Results

Laser Markers can be used for cutting and engraving with maximum precision.
The high quality axis drive and intelligent airflow of the lasit laser ensure that the results are always optimal.
Carve the surface textures and structures of facades and cut out building models with maximum quality and detail.
Laser Technology in Architectural Modeling – Always Profitable.