May 16, 2022
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Latest Brick backdrops. The brick wall background is wallpaper. Fabric backdrops of choice (which can be found at are a new type of lightweight fabric, characterized by bright colors that are printed, light, foldable, and no creases.
Cotton material from high-quality fabric.
They can be washed and ironed.
Pocket on top of the backdrop for hanging.
8 standard sizes available. You can also choose a custom size background.
Any size or pattern we can do, don’t hesitate to contact us. With natural brick motifs.
With an affordable price, now you can freely replace/choose the type of brick wall wallpaper that almost resembles the original, without spending a lot of money.

With a complete brick color variant, you can harmonize the room with the concept or theme chosen so that it makes it even more matched and wants to linger in the room.

Besides being able to beautify the interior decoration, other benefits of brick wall backgrounds are water repellent, anti-fungal, and maintaining the sturdiness of the walls from temperature or chemical changes in the home environment.

A practical way to beautify your residence is to install a brick wall background.
Wallpaper is a wall layer that triggers the walls of the residence to have beautiful and charming motifs.
Brick wall backgrounds are also available in many motifs, suitable for the type of interior where you live.
Yes, Wallpaper is actually pretty.
But, have you figured out the stages of installing wallpaper together correctly?
You need to know the stages of installing this wall wallpaper so that the installation results are too good, flat, and neat.

A brick wall background can be an option for a beautiful and luxurious interior appearance.
Manufacturers have also launched various colors and patterns.
You can combine together with the interior plan of the room.

Advantages of the Product

The brick motif has many variations on the market. The appearance is very similar to the wallpaper will be installed because it is designed together with a similar texture and appears embossed. Other motifs are also often found, such as striped wood motifs, batik, animated features, and so on. You can bring the motifs and colors to your taste so that the appearance of the room looks good.

In order for the Brick wall background to stick together perfectly against the wall.
It is too necessary to pay attention to the situation of the wall.
After that, then apply the wallpaper according to the color and motif that has been determined.

1. Prepare the equipment

The tools and equipment usually needed to install wallpaper on other walls: a meter, a large plastic base, a ladder A.
A thread with ballast to confirm the straightness of the wallpaper installation.
Of course, don’t forget to also prepare the wall wallpaper that you have bought.

2. Clean the room

Clean the area around the wall to which the wallpaper will be installed.
If the walls to be installed are on all sides of the room, then it’s a good idea to temporarily move all the furniture to another safe room.
With a clean and airy room, installing wall wallpaper will be faster and easier.

3. Prepare the walls

Walls that will be installed with wall wallpaper should have been cleaned.
Get rid of all kinds of wall accessories such as clocks, photos, calendars, hangers, and other wall decorations for a moment.
Determine which members of the wall will be installed Wallpaper.
Wall wallpaper can be installed on one side of the wall.
Even the wall wallpaper is also very interesting to install on some sides as an interior accent.
After that, a mark which members will be installed wallpaper, if necessary, make longitudinal lines.
Flatten slightly rough or bumpy walls.
Give patches to wall members with holes due to nail holes or other things.
Make sure that the walls to be installed with this wallpaper are free from seepage when the rain falls because high humidity can cause your wallpaper to peel off quickly.

4. Read the cutting and installation directions

Many people pay less attention to this matter so that they are mistaken when they have to put up their own wallpaper.
Remember, yes. Before you feel cutting it, you must first understand exactly how to cut it.
Understand the steps to install correctly.
Follow the instructions.
Do not hesitate to ask the seller of wall wallpaper.
If in doubt, feel free to look to the installation service for help.
Pay attention to the steps to harmonize the motif between the continuation of the wallpaper, whether it must be stacked or not.