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Roller Shutter Repair and Service

Roller Shutter Repair and Service

Roller Shutter Repair and Service. Do you need repair or maintenance service for roller shutters?
Roller shutter door repairs Cape Town, The roller door service from our professional technicians will ensure that your door opens and closes properly, functions effectively, and all parts are in good working order.

Industrial Roller Shutter, this type of door is not only suitable for factories or industries, but also for the needs of hotel offices, garage apartments, and others.

Like all mechanical items, your roller shutters will need a bit of care and maintenance to ensure they continue to perform well for years to come.

Roll Door Service

We know how important roller door service is to keep your door in the best condition possible.
By scheduling maintenance service every 6 months, your door will still function well for many years to come, representing great value for money.

Roller shutters and roller doors are often the first line of defense for your business.
With our comprehensive and personalized roller door service, businesses can ensure that their property remains safe from unwanted intrusions.

Shutter Door Repair

If your security has been breached and you need a closed-door repair.
Our qualified technicians can restore a high level of security to your property when your roller closing door breaks.

Shutter door repair is ideal if your door has been vandalized, damaged due to attempted break-in, or prolonged weather damage.
If you have a faulty electrical or mechanical component, we can also help you with this repair, as well as any spare parts you may need.

Can provide shutter door repair for our complete range, including polycarbonate and aluminum roller covers, double folding doors, aluminum louvers, and more.

When buying a roller shutter, immediately calculate its height, as you will need a place to install the box into which the leaf folds.
Built-in gates – the most reliable option, since the jamb is fixed on the doorway and can be further strengthened;
Combined gates – it is necessary to make a special niche above the gate to install the box in which the circular shutter will be located.
The design principle is quite simple. This design is useful and convenient to install in a garage, which is located in a protected area.
Roller Shutter Repair and Service.

Roller shutters have many advantages:

  • convenient automation;
  • easy gate opening by remote control;
  • takes up practically no space, suitable for garages with a limited area;
  • the design is light in weight and does not carry any load on the wall;
  • roller shutters can be installed in the garage from any material;
  • damaged lamellae are easy to replace without high repair costs;
  • warranty for the gate – from 10 years, depending on the manufacturer.

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