July 1, 2022
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With a simpler form and system, electric hobs 電磁爐 are the right choice for those of you who are looking for a practical stove.
The electric hobs have a variety of features that make it easier for you to cook.
One of the advantages, there are a variety of cooking utensils that can be used on an electric hob. You can use water jugs, pans, and utensils for baking. The sound of the electric hobs is also quiet. You can also set the temperature you need to cook food yourself. In addition, the electric power needed by electric hobs is not as big as an induction stove, so it can save expenses.

You can also use the electric hobs for various events with various needs. Can you imagine the atmosphere of gathering with your family while grilling food on the table using electric hobs? Surely these moments were very pleasant.

Plate model, compact maintenance, and easy to clean

The plate hob type has the appearance of an induction hob but is actually an electric hob. This type is equipped with a plate as a cover for the heating wire. This type of stove is easy to clean by simply wiping the surface.

As an alternative to gas stoves, electric hobs absorb relatively high electric power. However, there are many products with heat ability that can be easily adjusted. However, electric hobs are more compatible with various cooking utensils. With electric hobs, you can use cooking utensils made of aluminum and copper.

Baking food just got easier too!

Baking food using electric hobs is more practical. This is because the temperature of the electric hob can be adjusted precisely with ease. First, place the grill on the electric hobs, then place the food you want to bake. For the initial setting, use high heat. Once the grill starts to smoke, add the necessary seasonings to spice up your meal. After that, you can lower the stove temperature so that the food doesn’t burn.

If the hob is too hot, it is best if the hob is turned off. The time it takes to bake varies depending on the ingredients. Generally, the baking process takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes. By using an electric hob, you can bake a wide variety of ingredients with ease. You can grill fish, sausage, eggs, squid, and so on using an electric hob.