May 16, 2022
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The Benefits of Planting Trees in the Home Environment. Apply routine maintenance by Tree Surgeon Wokingham to produce a beautiful and healthy tree.
Make sure you regularly trim wilted leaves or dry areas to keep the plant circulating.
Don’t water too much water to wet the garden area or yard.
Also, be diligent in changing or applying fertilizer to your plants so that they can grow healthier.

Without being aware that we have contributed to an environment that ultimately becomes calmer, more beautiful, and healthier, for our family and the environment around us.

There are many benefits of planting trees that can be obtained in both the short and long term.
This positive activity can be started from the environment where we live by planting one tree first.

Tree care is the cutting of unwanted plant parts so that the plant grows healthily, has strong balanced vegetative and generative growth so that it becomes more productive.
In addition, tree care is important to reduce tree branches so that branch formation and fertilization can run smoothly so that plants do not form umbrellas.
Therefore, plants should be pruned on the primary branches or shortened to stimulate secondary branch growth.

The objectives of tree surgery include:

  • Get a low tree for easier maintenance and harvesting.
  • Obtaining new productive branches sustainably and optimally.
  • Make it easier for sunlight to enter the plant canopy
  • Improve air circulation to reduce humidity.
  • Streamlining plant growth.
  • Set the location, age, and shape of the productive branches
  • Remove unwanted branches (old, dry, diseased branches, worm branches, turning branches, and water shoots).

tree care with shape pruning is pruning done on young trees with the aim of forming a strong and balanced plant framework.

Trim Weight

Heavy pruning is done every three months.
Pruning is carried out on old and unproductive primary branches, primary branches, and other parts affected by pests.

Trim Lightly

Pruning lightly in 1 year is done several times after heavy pruning.

Air pollution has now become the daily food of people in various cities.
If allowed, air pollution can endanger the health of the body.
Therefore, it is necessary to take concrete precautions to solve the problem of air pollution in the environment.
This is where the benefits of planting trees can no longer be underestimated.
We may not immediately feel the purpose of planting trees in a short time.
But in the future, this effort will be very useful for our children and grandchildren in the future, so that they can grow up in an environment with clean air and free from disease.

Benefits of planting trees for health and the environment

There are many benefits of planting trees, from cleaning the air to relieving stress.
The Benefits of Planting Trees in the Home Environment.

1. Make the air fresher

One of the benefits of planting trees is that they make the air fresh.
When asked, what is the purpose of planting trees?
The answer that comes to mind first is to freshen the air.
Trees are the filter of the air on earth.
With their leaves and trunks, trees absorb harmful gases and components in the air and release oxygen, thus helping us to breathe.
In big cities, trees usually also absorb polluting gases produced by vehicles such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide.
In addition, dust and other fumes will be removed by him.

2. Maintain mental health

Living in a shady area with lots of trees is good for mental health.
Getting closer to nature can also improve cognitive abilities and reduce the stress we feel.

3. Reducing exposure to UV rays to the skin

In a tropical country like Indonesia with abundant sun exposure, there is one risk that is also increasing.
Namely the high exposure to ultraviolet rays.
In fact, continuous exposure to the skin can increase the risk of developing skin cancer.
Trees can reduce UVB exposure by as much as 50% and reduce our risk of being negatively impacted by these rays.

4. Reducing the impacts of climate change

One of the causes of climate change is a large amount of carbon dioxide in the air.
Trees can help reduce levels significantly and release oxygen into the air.
In addition to preventing climate change, trees also actually help us survive.

5. Prevent water pollution

The benefit of planting trees is to reduce water pollution
Planting trees can prevent water pollution
During heavy rain or storms, water that falls to the earth risks carrying pollutants in the form of phosphorus and nitrogen.
If there are no trees, these pollutants will immediately flow into the sea without being filtered.
Meanwhile, if many trees are planted, the rainwater that falls will be filtered and able to seep into the ground.
That way, it will not pollute the sea.

6. Increase groundwater reserves

Trees can protect stored water in the ground so it doesn’t evaporate too quickly.
So, our ground air reserves can be maintained.
Additionally, trees only need 15 gallons of air to last each week, but they can help generate 200-450 gallons of air per day.

7. Maintain the population of living things

One tree trunk can be a home for tens or even hundreds of types of living things ranging from birds, insects, reptiles, fungi, and including other plants.
Without a tree, these various living things will die.

8. Prevent flooding

The news of recent floods always graces the screen.
Many people were affected by this tragedy and had to lose their belongings.
Therefore, flood prevention measures need to be taken from now on.
Preventing flooding is the responsibility of all of us.
You can start with simple steps such as not littering and starting to plant trees, at least in your own yard.
In addition, planting trees in riverbank areas can reduce flood water levels by up to 20 percent.

9. Prevent soil erosion

What else is the purpose of planting trees to prevent landslides from preventing erosion?
Soil that is dry, arid, and airy without trees will easily collapse when subjected to heavy water pressure when it rains.
If there are trees, the water pressure from heavy rain can be reduced before it reaches the ground and the excess water is absorbed by the roots.
The risk of landslides is also low.
The Benefits of Planting Trees in the Home Environment.