July 1, 2022
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The Best Air Purifier Makes Home Air Clean and High Quality. The air in your house is not circulating properly? Best portable air purifiers might be a solution, to clean the air in your home!

Moreover, for those of you who live in urban areas, you may very often complain about contaminated air, due to a large amount of air pollution from transportation to factories.
Thus, it is difficult to get clean and cool air, such as air in the countryside or mountains that are still beautiful.

Dangers of Inhaling Poor Air Quality in the Room

Poor air quality, in fact, can have an impact on body health.
Thus, it is very susceptible to infection due to viruses and bacteria.
Such as acute respiratory infections (ISPA), asthma, influenza, prolonged coughing, sneezing, to lung diseases, such as pneumonia or pneumonia.
In fact, reported by kompas.com a study from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Proved that the level of pollutants in the room can be 2-5 times higher than pollutants outdoors.

This is due to the lack of free air circulation in the room

Another problem is also due to sources of pollutants that release gases or particles into the air.
For example, from cigarette smoke, building materials, to household furniture.
Therefore, people who live in big cities, of course, need an adequate ventilation system, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange can take turns.
However, it would be even better if you use an air purifier such as an air purifier.
Meanwhile, then you will provide recommendations for the best air purifier brand for you.

What’s the difference between an air purifier and an air humidifier?

An air purifier is an air purifier, so it can produce new, cleaner, and higher quality air.
Meanwhile, an air humidifier is a tool to increase humidity in a room with dry conditions.
For example, such as an air-conditioned room.
The Best Air Purifier Makes Home Air Clean and High Quality
In addition, air humidifiers are also commonly mixed with essential oils to produce a soothing aroma.

Benefits of Air Purifier

Meanwhile, apart from cleaning the air, here are some other benefits of an air purifier:

  • Can help get rid of bad odors?
  • Prevent allergies, from bad air
  • Helps fight viruses and bacteria, which are carried by air
  • Can protect people who are sick, so that they recover quickly
  • Reducing the risk of developing asthma
  • Handling cigarette smoke
  • Eradicating mold, which is produced from household furniture

So, you already know why it’s important to use an air purifier and its benefits?

Come on, for those of you who need this tool.
An air purifier is a tool to purify the air in the room.
After being filtered, the surrounding air will be cleaner and pollution-free.
You can also find humidification functions, filter pollen and pollutant particles, to serve as a diffuser.
However, you have to choose carefully because the price is not cheap.
Select the type of air purifier according to the installation location

Air purifiers are divided into three types, namely fan air purifier, electric air purifier, and ion generator.
For that, check the type of air purifier that suits your room!