May 16, 2022
two flat screen monitor turned on near organizer rack inside the room

If you want to choose an AC model that suits your room, then come immediately to the Air conditioning Perth service. As a provider of air conditioning systems and air conditioning treatments that provide various types and models of quality air conditioning to cool your home. Provides various types and models of air conditioners that will suit your home decor.

Select Hidden AC

Have you ever heard of hidden air conditioners? Hidden air conditioning is a form of development in air conditioning technology in today’s millennial era. True, the current AC model is not only boxy and protruding, it even takes up a lot of space.

Now, an air conditioner with features that can be hidden has been developed, so that it won’t interfere with the decor of your room. This feature is designed by separating the body of the AC to be hidden above the ceiling. Thus, the annoying and noisy AC fan will not be visible to the eye.

So, if you choose this AC model, then you don’t need to worry about the room decoration being disturbed by the size of the AC. Unfortunately, because the AC body is hidden, of course, it will be difficult when later the AC needs to be serviced or cleaned.

In addition, this hidden air conditioner seems to have another advantage, which is to provide an evenly regulated flow of cool air compared to traditional air conditioners in general. In fact, the room is fresh and no dust has accumulated. You can also relax comfortably in this cool room.

Determine the Dimensions of the AC that Supports the Room

You need to know, there are many brands and types of air conditioners that are designed with various models and sizes, so you can choose this air conditioner with criteria that support decoration. For example, an air conditioner brand made in Japan has introduced an indoor AC unit with a super slim design, which is suitable for 16.5 or 19.8 square meters of space.

The width of the AC is only 70 cm and weighs 21 kg, so it is very suitable for small houses. You can also choose other types of sizes by adjusting your home decor, or if this is quite confusing, you should further consult an expert or technician to help choose an air conditioner according to your home decor.

Pay attention to how much air conditioning is needed

Naturally, everyone wants to enjoy fresh and cool air in the house using air conditioning. Unfortunately, the use of large air conditioners often interferes with home decorations that have been beautifully laid out.

Then, should it be canceled? Obviously not. You can continue to use air conditioning by paying attention to how much air conditioning you need to use in each home. It’s best not to install too many air conditioners because later you will have difficulty determining their location. Just use 1 in each room.

But, if by chance the living room, family room, or other room is designed together, then you also only need to use one air conditioner, but with a strong ability so that the cool air can reach the entire space.

Then place it in a place that does not have special decorations, such as a wall with the same paint as the air conditioner. Or you can style it with a camouflage system. Try not to use a lot of air conditioning at once in one large room.

Those are some tricks for placing the air conditioner so that it doesn’t interfere with the decor of your room.