May 16, 2022

Various designs and concepts of Outdoor wicker lounges can be applied at home or used as business land for investment.

The lounge is usually used as an area to relax, chat, enjoy a meal, and sometimes is equipped with entertainment in the form of live music performances. This lounge area is usually found in hotels, cafes, or inns. As an area for relaxation, no doubt the lounge must be designed with a concept that can bring a relaxed feel to visitors. Not only that but the location of the lounge must also be considered carefully, whether later it will be indoors or outdoors.

Thinking of building a private lounge area? Or are you interested in making it an investment? Here are some lounge design ideas that can be applied and taken as inspiration in realizing the dream lounge.

Lounge Design with Moroccan concept

In this lounge design with a Moroccan concept, the use of colors – yellow, blue, maroon is very thick. So, apply one or a combination of these colors on the walls. Don’t forget to give a touch of Moroccan accents, use drapery or large and dangling curtains. To create a more intimate feel, place a floor mat in the form of a thick carpet equipped with several cushions so that everyone can chat in this lounge area in a relaxed manner.

To emphasize the atmosphere, create a visual effect through the presence of lighting and mirrors in the corners. This type of lounge can be used for both private and business use.

Lounge With house concept

Almost everyone agrees that the most comfortable area or place is home. For that, we can adapt this home concept to the lounge, where the lounge area is divided into separate rooms and each room has a different character and concept. You can arrange a room that is used as a VIP room, which is equipped with dimmed lighting and luxurious and classy furniture. Meanwhile, other rooms can be made with unique themes, such as country, classic, vintage, retro, or modern-contemporary themes.

In the center or center of these spaces, locate the dance floor, where every visitor can access and blend in this area. In addition, the bar area can be made like a kitchen at home. With a lounge with a home concept, it certainly makes you feel free to apply more than one lounge concept, and it’s easier to choose the colors, decorations, and furniture you want. This type of lounge is more suitable for business purposes.

Lounge Design with Home Concept

Outdoor Lounge

Want a warmer, closer feel to nature? Create an outdoor lounge. But before that, make sure you determine the location of each element, for example, the location of the chair, table, to the location of the fireplace. Choose the type of table and chairs made of iron to make them stronger and more resistant to being placed in an outdoor area. After that, place cushions and tablecloths with bright colors, such as yellow, orange, or red, so that it feels more fitting when combined with the green color of the trees around this area.

The location of the fireplace should not be too far from the table and chairs. You can also add a grill here if you want to make a BBQ. For activities at night, use glass lanterns or use lanterns mounted on poles or tree trunks. Place a swing under this lantern, so the lounge area will feel even more complete. This type of lounge is more suitable for private ownership than business.

Lounge with Nightclub theme

The nightclub-themed lounge area is suitable for those of you who like nightlife. You can design this lounge by placing a bar, high chairs without backrests, and of course dimmed lighting. To give a modern touch, you can choose white as the dominant color, then place bubble chairs with modern colors, such as purple or silver, and complete it with a red cushion. Place it on a white basin table with a glass top.

Add a rug with a combination of black and silver with circular patterns on the floor. You can also place white sofas and couches with low backs, and a glass-top bar as an additional detail in this lounge area. This type of lounge is more appropriate for business.

Zen Garden

For those of you who want to make the lounge a relaxation area, this Zen Garden concept is perfect. Located outdoors, this Zen Garden applies colors and features that are thick with Asian nuances, for example, the use of dark wood wooden furniture, chairs with high backs, small tables, all of which are made of wood. This area can be used to enjoy food, read a book, or just drink tea. In the lounge area with the Zen Garden concept, the dominant colors include Aqua-green, green, gray, brown, and other colors that accentuate a calm impression.

You can also place some Buddha statues or other figures made of natural stone and place them in several corners of the lounge. Don’t forget to include water features, such as mini waterfalls or fish ponds. To emphasize the nuance, place several small bowls with floating candles on them, then place them on each table. This type of lounge is more appropriate for private ownership than for business.