July 1, 2022
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Most homeowners try to deal with pests on their own and end up dealing with only the ticks that are visible at this point, and not the root cause of the pest problem
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Some species of ants are known to be biting animals and can spread harmful bacteria after wandering in dirty areas. Cockroaches spread several types of diseases and cause food poisoning such as salmonellosis. Rats spread infectious infections that cause food poisoning and Leptospirosis.

Under the walls and in crevices, there are nests of pests that cannot be reached by self-treatment. In addition, the unauthorized use of pesticides is also known to be harmful to health and the environment. Home is your shelter; where you can let go of all your worries and feel at ease. All that can be lost with the presence of pests. A pest infestation that is left unchecked is not only costly but will pose a serious health and safety threat to your home and family. It is best to contact a professional and trusted pest controller to deal with it. Pest Control has the right equipment and experience to identify pest problems and recommend appropriate ways of dealing with them. In addition, we also have a team of experts specialized in the field of pest biology studies and have been certified to provide recommendations and effective solutions.

Indoors or Outdoors, Pests Will Always Happen Your Family!

No one likes the presence of pests around the house. But many assume that staying indoors means you will be completely safe from the dangers posed by pests. But did you know, that generally household pests have the ability to sneak into even the smallest crevices in your home without even being seen by you? Have you ever thought about how mosquitoes and mice can enter your house?

Of course, your family has had an annoying experience with mosquitoes that roam the house. Even though they look harmless, never take their bites lightly! Mosquitoes are small insects that are known as the deadliest pests in the world. Dengue fever, malaria to the worst Zika virus, is considered a serious and deadly disease caused by mosquito bites.

Its small body shape of 3 – 14 mm makes it easy for mosquitoes to sneak into the smallest crevices to enter your home during the day and night. It is very common to find mosquitoes in water and puddles, but they are also attracted to hide in various damp and dark places in your home such as behind window curtains, under your mattress to piles of your clothes.