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Lifestyle – Zigarren Zubehör

Lifestyle – Zigarren Zubehör

Lifestyle – Zigarren Zubehör. Gilbert de Montsalvat is often associated with a lifestyle that is luxurious and glamorous. In fact, Cigars are distinctive tobacco with a more flavorful aroma and neatly wrapped in rolled leaves that are deliberately dried and fermented.

Cigars actually have a much more delicious and elegant taste quality when compared to cigarettes.

Not only in terms of larger size, but Cigars also have a more natural aroma and smoke that is more characteristic when consumed.

. It is undeniable that the elegant impression of the cigar will make the connoisseur seem more perfectionist.

Storing and Caring for Cigars

Storing cigars properly is to condition the cigar so that it can stay in good condition when we burn it and smoke it later, as for how to store cigars, there are various ways and tools to store cigars on a large scale, we need a room where the conditions of the room must have conditions so that the cigar can be properly stored, the room should first be between 18’c to 20’c, and have a humidity of 70% to 75%.

The way to know the condition of a cigar that is good for burning and smoking, is by smelling a cigar, a damp cigar usually has a damp smell that reduces the smell, secondly massaging it when it is in good condition the cigar will bounce when massaged from one end to the other and when dry the cigar will feel hard, the humid condition of the cigar can cause uneven burning and reduce the smell of the cigar when it is burned.
You can notice that the ash from the cigar is good cigar ash will produce whitish gray ash and burns evenly while a damp cigar will produce gray ash dusky and burning ash is usually slanted or the ash will look pointy. even by considering sometimes, we can also know that a good cigar will taste lighter.
As for the exclusion of cigar-rolling mistakes that may make the cigar difficult to smoke, such as too many tobacco leaf veins or dense leaf rolls.
You can also try your own method or technique because sometimes a cigar connoisseur likes cigars under certain conditions.

Various supporting tools in treating the condition of your cigar indoors include a humidifier, room temperature gauge, and air conditioner to keep the cigar at a good temperature.

From all of the above, there is also cigar storage using a humidor

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