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8 Minimalist Furniture Designs

8 Minimalist Furniture Designs

8 Minimalist Furniture Designs. The poll conducted by YouGov, as many as 71 percents of adults said that they support the construction of micro-apartments measuring approximately 30 square meters.

A small-sized residential concept that has recently become a trend of minimalist modern-style housing in urban areas.

As reported by business insider.

The reason for the small residential being a trend is inseparable from the ability to own property in urban areas that are already so expensive.

So that micro-apartments are considered to be sufficiently qualified with the main factor being the price or affordable rental fees.

While CBSNews reports that more models and small-sized apartment units will be built in urban areas.

In New York City, for example.

Local authorities have even given permits related to the concept of small dwellings.

And from the developer side.

Micro-apartment units have really been designed efficiently.

These small dwellings are not something that is haphazardly designed.

But are also really thought out in order to improve the quality of life of the residents.

“For us it is very important to show how small space can improve the quality of life,” Christopher Bledsoe of Stage 3 Properties was quoted as saying by CBSNews.

8 Minimalist Furniture Designs

The dilemma of small house design

Although micro or tiny dwellings have become and will be a trend.

Occupants or owners of dwellings often experience a dilemma when designing or decorating them.

The design dilemma commonly faced by small homeowners is a matter of choosing and using furniture.

Small-sized houses will certainly not be as free as houses that have large rooms.

That do not experience major problems in the selection and use of furniture.

Conversely, small homes also require furniture designs that are compact and appropriate.

This is mainly to get around the size of the room so that the use of furniture does not burden the capacity.

Remember, there is no small space, there is the use of oversized furniture.

This principle provides a way for small-sized residential owners to alway.

Be more creative, conscientious, and imaginative when choosing furniture.

Minimalist furniture design

Minimalist furniture is certainly not new.

Many furniture manufacturers offer the latest models.

And types with their respective advantages.

Luckily, the development of the world of interior design has given us many choices.


Here are some models and furniture designs for a minimalist home.

With its simple and compact model

It has the ability to make the room look more trendy and stylish.

And most important of all, the room will feel more flexible and have maximum appeal.

Loop Corner Bench and Sanza extending table

The dining bench, especially the corner unit.

Is a great way to utilize every inch of space.

Bench chairs can be neatly tucked under the table when not in use and look neater and cleaner.

Decorated with a variety of contemporary faux leather adornments.

From white to gray and black.


String shelves   

You can adjust the shelves and stairs of this ‘string’ system.

To create storage furniture that matches the size of the room.

Smart Furniture Design.

Change and Add to the Function of Home Furnishings


Spot extending dining table  

A flexible dining table that can be used for 6 people.

And even has the option of creating space in and in the middle of the table.

As a place to store spices and / or cutlery.

Lori Concertina Bookcase

Minimalist bookcase model that can be adjusted to the size of the room.

The rack can also rotate and change it to create corner units.


 Bow storage coffee table


Minimalist furniture design

This sliding tray on a coffee table.

Or multipurpose coffee table can be moved in and out as needed.

A hidden drawer under the table can give more space for things.

Showing the atmosphere of a space that looks more presentable and well organized.
Minimalist Small Living Room Design.

Modern Minimalist Interior Style that is Simple and Dynamic

Urban armchair bed

Minimalist furniture design

Modular style sofa that can be transformed into a bed.

Modern Minimalist Sofa for Small Living Room.

4 Best Sofa Models for Small Size Living Room


 Rough day bed with trundle bed drawer


Furniture design


Can be used as a very comfortable sofa with several pillows.

And also can be changed, transformed into a double bed.

Also equipped with storage for some equipment.


Custom furniture

Minimalist furniture design

The most appropriate and careful way to use every inch of the room is custom furniture.

Custom furniture can be adjusted to the needs and the desired model to make it look more trendy, stylish, and very minimalist.

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