July 1, 2022
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9 Tricks and Tips lawn care. Through Lawn Care Leduc, we create healthy lawns that you can be proud of, whether you are looking for commercial or residential lawn care services.

The garden is one of the most important factors in maintaining the balance and beauty of a dwelling.

With a garden, the atmosphere of the house will look more beautiful and alive, the residents of the house will feel more comfortable because the oxygen intake provided is more.

In order for the above goals to be fulfilled, of course, we have to keep our garden green and beautiful.

There are several things you can do to caring the beauty of your home yard.

Let’s take a look at the garden care tips below!

1. Keep the Garden Clean

Clean is the root of being healthy!

Always keep your garden clean by sweeping and cleaning trash, dry leaves, standing water, or fallen branches.

Garden maintenance tips are important because if they are not kept clean, they will not only look dirty but can also be a source of various diseases.

By cleaning the garden, your yard will always look greener and more beautiful!

2. Trim the Grass Routinely

Guys, your garden is not a forest where all the plants can grow as big and tall as they can.

Like grass, for example.

Garden grass that is left uncut will make the garden look left behind, like a rice field.

This sight is certainly unsightly, especially for a garden planted with beautiful flowers.

They might be covered with soaring leaf clumps.

3. Prune Wild Plants

take care of the garden

To make garden care more effective, pruning weeds should be done regularly.

Especially plants that grow as parasites such as weeds.

Weeds, if they are not trimmed, will interfere with the growth of the plants they are on until they wither and die.

Dead plants are certainly not a pleasant sight to enjoy in a garden, right?

4. Caring for Trees

This one garden maintenance tip is important for those of you who have medium to jumbo-sized trees in the yard of the house.

Although there are good things such as providing a shaded area, trees that grow too large can interfere with the aesthetic value of the garden.

Not only that, but this will also be very dangerous for the residents of the house when it is raining heavily and the leaves can block the drainage of the water barrier in the house.

Therefore, cut branches that have grown too long, and don’t forget to always remove the dry leaves that have fallen off.

5. Maintaining Cleanliness of the Pool

If your yard is decorated with fish ponds, this one special garden care trick is dedicated to you!

Fish ponds that are not cleaned properly will become a nest for mosquitoes and moss.

To clean a fish pond, you don’t need to use cleaning fluids.

Simply scrub with a bathroom brush and rinse the pool thoroughly.

It is feared that the chemicals in the cleaning fluid will poison the water which will be the home of the fish later.

6. Maintaining the Water Pump

This next garden maintenance effort has something to do with having a fish pond at home.

If the fish pond is connected to a pump, you must pay attention to the installation.

Always make sure that the pump and all parts of it are clean and in good working order.

Then, what is the relationship between the performance of the water pump and the beauty of the garden?

Water pumps that have been damaged usually make noise, this can disturb the tranquility of the garden which will ultimately make us feel uncomfortable.

7. Don’t Leave Dead Plants Scattered

Taking care of beautiful plants and flowers in the yard can make the garden look more beautiful, but what happens when they look wilted?

The leaves will turn brown and the flowers will look dull.

For that, it is better if you replace the withered and dead plants with new ones.

You can start from scratch or buy new plants right from the flower shop.

8. Watering the Plants

His name is also a garden care trick, of course, watering it properly and correctly is one of the efforts to manifest it.

You cannot generalize the process of watering plants.

Pay attention to the type of plant and find out how many times and when to water.

Do it according to the instructions because plants that are under or overwatered will wither faster and eventually die.

9. Carry out the Fertilization Process

After watering the plants in the garden, they still look wilted and dull?

Perform the fertilization process!

These garden care tricks will not only make the garden look healthier, but also facilitate a symbiotic relationship with mutualism in the area.

Loose soil will produce fresher plants!
As much as possible, use organic fertilizers as the main choice.
9 Tricks and Tips lawn care.